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Gorillas playing ...

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Gorillas playing ...

Some inspirational cricket from believe it or not a couple of Gorillas! Who knows they might be preparing for the World Twenty2...

Two Girls One Duck!

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Two Girls One Duck!

A 100 ft water-hating Rubberduckzilla wreaks havoc in Japan and saves two hot Japanese college girls.

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Utube Music Videos

Give Me Just One Reason To Stay Here

Tracy Chapman, Music Video

20015 views 01.12.08(by 007utubelover )


Citroen car dance

Citroen car dancing. I have fall in love with Citroen after I've watch Transformer.

6915 views 04.16.08(by chrissme )

Cool U Tube Moments

Balloon Bowl

I had this idea for a while to fill a skate bowl with balloons and try to ride through them. It seemed like the chances of it w...

9240 views 04.11.08(by talalsma )


Funny Nike commercial

Vince Carter and Gary Payton in a classic funny Nike commercial. Vince Carter is one of the best dunkers/players who ever lived...

10868 views 05.14.08(by jojo1314 )


funny hockey comercial

This is a funny insurence comercial, a guy ruins a hockey game by putting on a big fancy show and then he has a bunch of hocky ...

13295 views 08.06.08(by jackiss )

Movie Trailers

Nim's Island Movie

Anything can happen on Nim's Island, a magical place ruled by a young girl's imagination.

12327 views 03.29.08(by )

Travel Clips

Street Boys in SaiGon Part2

Boys perform magic arts on street in SaiGon

5644 views 02.17.08(by cafelover711 )

Movie Trailers


This is the trailer for a new British movie with an urban flavour set on the streets of London, England

11316 views 07.20.07(by filmacademy )

Utube Music Videos

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Hurt song by Famous counrty singer Johnny Cash

8404 views 08.29.08(by 007utubelover )

Utube Interviews

Parliament Meeting Erupts

House meeting goes crazy

6522 views 08.05.07(by 12345 )

Sport Videos

Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing is the sport of racing greyhounds. The dogs chase a lure (an artificial hare or rabbit) on a track until they ...

8818 views 02.16.08(by )

Funny Videos

Arabic Funny Movie

This is a cool and funny Arab video clip. This is the movie MAFIA.

14524 views 05.05.08(by goodoldbr )

Utube Music Videos

Stop War

Johny Cash; Hurt; mankinds inhumanity

5764 views 05.19.07(by Peacetroll )

Cool U Tube Moments


lamby rob

4471 views 12.18.08(by lamby )


Find out what bits of the cow are in the food you eat

Not many of us realise which parts of a cow goes into many of the foods that we eat. By watching this video you can see where ...

10085 views 01.08.09(by seedervan )

Utube Music Videos


Celebration after Graphics exam

10707 views 01.05.09(by mrahul )

Banned Commercials

Banned commercial - Window NT

Some video about a windows nt handbook, a dead scuba diver and the deep blue sea.

11172 views 03.23.08(by comedian )

Travel Clips



5465 views 10.27.08(by saurav124 )




3687 views 02.28.09(by xOkathOx )

Utube Music Videos


missing u

4645 views 02.05.09(by birdm3 )

Funny Videos

Taking photo - funny

That's funny as hell. That's good idea. I am going to do this.

4839 views 04.22.08(by fccup )

Sport Videos

scotians vs canadians

junior hockey

3468 views 12.06.08(by hapster-2008 )

Other Utube Moments

Rocky Daisey


3668 views 05.11.09(by kmjranch )